How To: Use Google Fonts on Your Magento Store

Google has blessed us with – a killer resource for free fonts to use.

But how do you use them on your Magento store? Simple enough …

Here’s How To Do It

    1. Find the font you want to use on > click “Quick-use”.
    2. In the “Standard” tab, copy the code that will look something like …
<link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
  1. In your Magento admin, navigate to System > Configuration > General > Design > HTML Head > Miscellaneous Scripts > paste code from step 2 & Save.
  2. Update your css to call for the font. i.e.
    font-family: 'Eater', cursive;

Example in CSS:

.producttitle h1 {font-size:36px;font-family: 'Eater', cursive;color:#b70000;margin: 5px 20px 5px 20px;}

In Page:

<div class="producttitle">

Beware though …

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  • Summer

    Hi there
    I am trying to follow the instructions you have here but am stuck on updating the CSS to call for the font. I have a template which I am using and have added it as a font family in the ‘style’ page? Do I need to add it in other CSS pages too? Could you give me a few pointers on doing that?

  • interSales AG

    Meanwhile there is also an extension for this: It let’s you pick the desired font from the backend of your Magento store – and you are done.
    Regards, A.

  • krišs andrejevs

    this is very bad practice. use local.xml.